This intoxicating country is a land of extremes. You could be relaxing on one of Argentina’s beautiful beaches one day and gazing in awe upon stunning glaciers the next. Whatever you’re looking for, Argentina is bound to have it…

Argentina is a land of fiery passion and spectacular beauty, with dramatic mountains, cascading waterfalls at Iguazu, the vast grassy plains of the Pampas, wonderful estancias where you can ride all day and not see another soul, and the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires. This unique country conjures up images of tango dancers, elegant architecture, gauchos on horseback, polo and mouth-watering steaks
Add in the fascinating culture and lunar landscapes of the northwest, the gorgeous vineyards around Mendoza, and the incredible marine wildlife of the Valdes Peninsula or the extraordinary Ibera wetlands, and you have a dynamic and endlessly varied combination of experiences to enjoy.
Wildlife abounds in Argentian. Whether it be in marshes, rainforest, windswept plains and along the Patagonian coast – we can arrange for you to view Argentinean wildlife at the best time. We suggest lovers of the outdoors take part in adrenaline-pumping activities such as horse riding in Argentina and polo, trekking in the Andes or across a glacier.

Argentina never ceases to amaze and is a place you will come home raving about.

Andara Travel’s highlights for Argentina include:

• Visiting the tumultuous waterfalls cradled in rainforest at Igauazu which are probably the most dramatic and awe-inspiring on the planet

• Touring the Perito Moreno Glacier as it snakes its way into Lago Argentino where it edges its way across the lake. 

• Watching the he Southern Right Whales pass the Valdes peninsula which offers spectacular opportunities to get close to these magnificent giants. .