Immense in size and experience, this Latin American giant is a heady delight of natural spectacle, vibrant cities, golden beaches and intoxicating rhythm. Brazil’s attractions are unique – from the melting pot of cultures to the staggering scale of its natural phenomena.

Brazil is a scintillating place that surpasses expectations; the images you have in your head of barefoot boys skilfully playing football on the beach and steamy expanses of emerald rainforest will all be turned to reality, and you will see so much more besides. From thundering waterfalls to colonial towns, from wetlands teeming with wildlife to deserted beaches, Brazil is a geographically, ethnically and culturally diverse country.

The largest country in South America, Brazil is home to the Amazon rainforest, bustling cities, amarindian tribes and a rich colonial heritage. You can discover the diverse wildlife of the jungle and wetlands, spotting alligators, monkeys and parrots as you go. In the cities, try the street food, wander into ornate churches and soar up to the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio. Time it right and you can even join in with the carnival, where we can arrange for you to samba the night away in full carnival garb at the world’s biggest fiesta.

Andara Travel’s highlights for Brazil include:

• Visiting the remote island archipelago of Fernando de Noronha for outstanding diving and stunning wild beaches.
• Rio de Janeiro has inspired many a song and has a unique atmosphere all its own. Its beaches, music, colourful people and an incredible natural setting are sure to inspire.
• Take a safari Brazilian-style in the Pantanal wetlands, home to jaguars, giant anteaters, tapirs and more than 600 species of bird. Stay in one of the working ranches and gain a glimpse of ranch-life and head out by 4×4, boat, on foot or on horseback to locate the incredible wildlife.