From the Andean spine of this long, thin country to its ocean coastline and distant Easter Island, from the highest, driest desert on Earth to turquoise lakes and rolling vineyards, Chile is a land of bewildering diversity and proud peoples. Chilean legend has it that when God had finished creating earth, he walked back across the heavens and a little of everything that was left; mountains, deserts, lakes, glaciers, volcanoes and valleys, trickled out through a hole in his pocket, and thus Chile was born.

With a quintessentially South American spirit and rich history, you can enjoy the country’s friendly and vibrant people in the modern capital of Santiago, traverse ice-fields in southerly Patagonia, awe at the lunar like beauty of the Atacama, or lose yourself in the bountiful vineyards of Santa Cruz.

One of the continent’s most prosperous countries, Chile offers guests a unique combination of stunning wine country, incredible food and spectacular Andean landscapes and adventure. Experience the wildernesses of Patagonia and Easter Island, the rich wine regions of the central valley, the lunar landscapes of the Atacama Desert or the granite spires and glaciers of world-famous Torres del Paine National Park. Superb opportunities for horse riding, walking, skiing, fly-fishing and off-the-beaten-path exploration exist, and Chile truly offers something to captivate the imagination of everyone, whatever their age.

Andara Travel’s highlights for Chile

• Torres del Paine National Park in the far south – see its huge granite spires, jade-coloured lakes and Patagonian wildlife.

• Easter Island, 3000 miles off the coast of Chile, has mysterious Moai statues, volcanic craters and a unique culture unlike anywhere else on Earth.

• Adventures in the Atacama Desert; explore the unearthly high desert landscapes with their saltpans, flamingos in their thousands, and remote Indian villages.