A superbly diverse destination, combining a stunning natural landscape of mountains, lakes and valleys with an array of cultural pursuits in its cosmopolitan cities, the province of Ontario offers a range of opportunities so no two days of your vacation need ever be the same.

Bordered by the Great Lakes of Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario, and traversed with almost a quarter of a million additional lakes and rivers, Ontario is awash with waterways, sandy beaches and lush landscape. Adventure seekers can paddle over extensive water journeys, dive beneath the surface or take an excursion to fish for bass, salmon and pike. Being back on land offers the opportunity to camp and trek through the 110 Provincial and National Parks, explore the flora and fauna which is a haven for bird watchers and nature worshippers and participate in some of the seasonal sports such as the winter recreational activities of snow shoeing, skiing, snow mobiling and dog sledding.

Home to the nations’ capital city of Ottawa as well as the provincial capital of Toronto, Ontario has no shortage of festivals, sightseeing attractions, heritage and culture. Avid shoppers and culinary critiques will not be disappointed either, as the provinces multi-cultural heritage provides a myriad of boutique shops and malls as well as every imaginable kind of cuisine.

The ever-popular Niagara region attracts visitors from across the globe to witness the extraordinary spectacle of six million cubic feet of water drop almost 200 feet per minute at Niagara Falls. In contrast to this fast paced destination, Niagara-on-the-Lake just a few miles away provides a peaceful hideaway and uniquely historic town of small shops and café.

Niagara Cold Climate Wines, or Icewine, provides yet another opportunity to expect the unexpected. Although wine and Canada seems an unlikely couple, this pairing is a perfect match, proven by the nickname ‘liquid gold”, which has been lovingly attributed to this delicious dessert wine.  Just one hour from Buffalo, New York and a mere 20 minutes from the Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-lake is a picturesque town exploding with vineyards, fruit orchards and top-notch restaurants; making this not only a scenic trip, but also a pure culinary delight.

A nautical playground, the St Lawrence River’s spectacular 1000 Islands Region is a destination not to be missed, where boats wind gently around islands housing everything from tiny log cabins to gigantic estates such as Boldt Castle.
Journey out to the resorts, lodges and guest ranches of Ontario’s north where outdoor recreation is paramount. Horse riding, hiking, boating, fishing and golf are just a few of the many possibilities and you’ll be greeted with sincere Canadian gracious hospitality. Enjoy a spectacular rail journey with Via Rail and experience the varied landscapes and beautiful sights of Ontario.