When it comes to wild untamed wilderness, The Yukon is the ultimate adventure playground. It is a magical land which captivates and charms every sense. Think sprawling lakes and dense National Parks, divided by the flowing waters of the Yukon River. During the Klondike Gold Rush the landscapes here held the promise of great wealth as well as incredible scenery.

On the southwest tip of the Yukon, the Kluane National Park is home to Canada’s highest peak, Mount Logan, as well as an abundance of glaciers and aquamarine alpine lakes. Jump in a canoe and explore the winding waterways of the Yukon River, or stop off at the Southern Lakes for an aerial/on-the-water tour. It’s also well worth travelling by train 2000 feet up into the mountains to the White Pass – the US/Canada official border where both countries unfold in front of you as far as the eye can see. For a dose of gold rush history, check of Dawson City’s celebrated sites and enjoy an ice gold beer in one of the traditional Victorian-style taverns.

From late August onwards the Aurora Borealis is often visible, casting its magical spell over this unspoilt land. There are very few natural wonders which create the spine-tingling feeling and magical awe you encounter when witnessing aurora borealis. Also known as the Northern Lights, the dense dark night skies created by Yukon’s remote setting, provide the perfect conditions for some of the most dramatic undulating ribbons of green, blue and red light. Although dependent on weather conditions and cloud cover, the best chance of dramatic aurora viewing is between autumn and spring.